Why Global Education?

The Rationale for Global Education
Global Education produces students who possess the knowledge, skills, and disposition to understand and act creatively on issues of global significance. It is more than learning about the world, but instead is engaging with the world to develop the skills necessary for shared global success, both now and in the future. Global Education is essential for the economic, national security, and social progress of all countries. (Stephen Blan is a global education teacher who also traveled to the Republic of Georgia.  Read his blog and education guide:  http://www.teachglobaled.com/)
This site has been developed to provide resources for teachers and school leaders who are interested in preparing students for the 21st century.  Readers will find a variety of online resources and ideas, in addition to videos and presentations that highlight the need for global education throughout the site.
It is important for us to work with our students to promote awareness, not just in Allen Park, but also throughout the Detroit metro area and Michigan.  As we work together to solve local and state problems (such as the Flint water crisis, human trafficking, and hunger), students are empowered to take action to tackle the larger global issues.  We encourage students in our classrooms to take action, to make a difference.  We connect them with other students across the country and the globe.  In this way, we all work together to raise global citizens who are prepared for the twenty first century.  Join us!