International Project-Based Learning Opportunites

Here are a few ideas to help you get started!

VIF International Education  VIF offers consultation and formal trainings in an effort to help teachers become global educators and schools to become global schools. It is not free. Participating in a webinar and reading their site influenced my strategy for globalizing my school – focus on the staff, curriculum, physical space, and student travel.

Pulitzer Center:  The Pulitzer Center invites educators to use their  reporting in the classroom, and has some great tools and services to support teachers. Their lesson builder is a quick, easy and flexible way to create curriculum, using Pulitzer Center reporting.  In addition, sign up for their newletter for updates and new lesson ideas.

The Choices Program :  Sponsored by Brown University, many free lessons with up-to-date video clips are provided but educators can also purchase additional units of study. Students engage in a variety of lessons and activates to develop the skills necessary to compete in a global market.  Lessons can be adapted for most ages.  The value cards are especially significant where student evaluate their own values choices.

Transatlantic Outreach Program:  Bring modern Germany into your classroom;  lessons and activities for all grade levels are free.  As an additional bonus, apply to their program to be a TOP fellow studying and traveling in Germany for two weeks.

National Endowment for the Humanities:  Lessons created by participants addressing a variety of topics are available to all educators.  Check back every fall to see what professional developments workshops are available to apply for.  I spent three weeks in Istanbul with NEH and while the international trips have been eliminated, lots of trips across the United States are available. This link is to explore the projects: .  This link is for NEH overall – there are thousands of resources!

One Planet Classroom:  One Planet Classrooms is an initiative that connects classrooms from around the globe with contrasting cultures, and encourages empowerment and collaborative projects to help make a better world.

Postcard Educate:  Postcard Educate strives to encourage students to take action and bring awareness through the creation of postcards that students then mail to community members.  See my curriculum unit on Genocides for examples.  This is appropriate for all grade levels and is free.