Teach: Global Education Guide Comments, New Lessons, and Standards Based Education Modifications

This site is divided into many pages to easily help you create lessons to promote global education in your classrooms.  Ideas are taken from a variety of sources – people who have selflessly shared their ideas and expertise.  I thank them for their help and continued encouragement as we work together to help our students become global citizens.

Before I left for my international field experience in the Republic of Georgia I had created a lesson about belief systems.  Once I returned, I changed it a bit to reflect also the Eastern Orthodox Faith but also students taking action. Students presented their projects during lunches and helped their peers understand each religion to promote tolerance and acceptance.

Zenn UbD Belief Systems Final – CopyZenn UbD Belief Systems Final – Copy


Inspired by my international field experience and because students said that by working together and ‘teaching’ each other they learned much more than simply by reading the the material in a textbook, I created another project based learning unit about genocides.  This time I added another component.  While at the symposium in Washington DC I received information about Postcard Educate (http://postcard.com/educate). The final activity for this unit was for students to design a postcard calling for the end to genocide. Students design an image and write a short explanation and upload it to a link the company provides. The company then creates the postcards (2 per image) and mails them to the schools (free of charge at this time) and students take action by sending them out to people to raise awareness.  We kept one to create a collage to display in our school.  IMG_1702 (2).JPG

Find the lesson here: 2. Genocide Project Design Overview

There are many many lessons that can be found online to promote global education and I encourage everyone to embrace the idea and globalize your curriculum!  Watch the videos for more ideas and inspiration.  Click the links, search the web – we owe it to our students to prepare them for their future.


In addition, I have modified additional standards to globalize the teaching of each standard.  Click here for ideas that you can implement in your classroom. Standards Based Global Education Updates