A Mixture of Traditional and Modern

The capital city of Tbilisi is teeming with cars and people rushing to their jobs but it is the countryside that really tells the story of Georgia.  Here is it is not uncommon to see a donkey cart loaded with goods, cows grazing in city squares, women and men carrying water from the city spring, and  sheep herded near towns.  We even saw a wild horse being passed by a car!  At the same time, cars rush past the donkey carts and everyone has a cellphone.  Many people don’t have cars but taxis are easy to hire.

We were introduced to the traditional method of making bread and pastries in a clay oven.  It was an awesome experience shared with our host teacher Nana, her neighbors and family.  Family is the center of Georgian life and the roots run deep.  While the bread is baking, out comes the wine along with cheese, peppers, tomatoes and herbs. It is a social event to be enjoyed.