Global Education Symposium, Washington DC


Our first day in Washington DC was awesome.  After lots of introductions, a group of us decided to go out to explore and visit the Vietnam Memorial.  Luckily, one member of the group is from DC and helped navigate the metro and after a walk in the brisk cold, we reached the memorial.  It was well worth the walk to see this beautiful and peaceful tribute to our fallen soldiers.

In the evening we had our official welcome reception and I met my fellow travelers to Georgia – we’re going to be a great group of travelers with lots of states in the US represented.  It was fun meeting people that I’ve interacted with so much online over the past 6 months and the best part, everyone lived up to my expectations!

The second day started with a panel discussion and then meeting with our cohorts where we found out more about our upcoming trip to Georgia.  I spent more time speaking with my traveling companion, Linda, and I believe that we are a great fit since we both have the same passion for education. IMG_0521 Overall, everything just keeps getting better and better.  Lots of resources and information, laughs, and lessons.

The time spent in DC preparing for our field experience flew by but lots of new friendships and connections were made.  Looking forward to meeting my host teacher and students in Gurjaani!